"Research is creating new knowledge."
- Neil Armstrong -

Center for Social Research and Analytics AUBIH is the first center for social research in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which gathers / hires exclusively recognized experts with years of experience in the field of research, and who hold the academic title of Doctor of Science. With such a conceptualized human resource policy, the Center provides services in the field of qualitative and quantitative research based on contemporary knowledge and trends. Through its own infrastructure, the Center develops methodology, performs fieldwork and online surveys, conducts interviews and focus groups, offering precise research solutions using advanced software tools. In addition, the Center has its own network of associates for all types of field research in the whole of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and possesses modernly equipped sales facilities for focus groups and interviews.


The absolute advantage of the AUBiH Research and Analytics Center is its human resources. The Center is managed by Doctors of Science, with proven practical and scientific experience in working with varied and complex types of research. In this way, every project that is realized involves the multiple engagement of experts who, through their knowledge and competences, contribute to the realization of all problems, in accordance with modern methodological bases. This team performs constant monitoring of all activities that other co-workers undertake.

Each project involves the special training of associates that are necessary for the realization of the research, followed by the simulation of the research itself, in order to spot and eliminate possible shortcomings on time. It is only after this procedure that concrete research begins. The Center has over 200 available interviewers, trained for specific working conditions.

The application of qualitative research is appropriate in cases when we want to provide reliable and valid information regarding the product or service that is to be placed on the market, or when a full understanding of targeted consumers is sought in order to meet their needs. In other words, qualitative research allows for a deeper understanding of the problem that is being investigated, and it contributes to the development of new business ideas. The Center applies two types of qualitative research:

- Interviews
- Focus group

After this is completed, we analyze the transcript, processes and interpret the results. Data processing is done by using specialized software for processing qualitative data.
In the process of applying quantitative research, the Center applies a wide range of methods that depend on the objectives of each project. The Center's experts supervise and participate in all quantitative research activities, which can include:
  • Creating the methodology needed for the application of quantitative research (creation of the research design);
  • collecting primary data (field and online surveys);
  • collection of secondary data (available data that are part of official documents of certain institutions);
  • preparation, coding and processing of collected data;
  • data analysis using software tools for processing quantitative data and their interpretation.